Clairefontaine involved in world's children education.


Since 1950, one of Clairefontaine priorities is to bring the best tools for the childrens education by proposing quality notebooks for an irreproachable schooling.

Unfortunately more than 120 000 000 children are illiterate and never had the opportunity to go to the school in todays world..

This figure is unacceptable because a child without culture and without education has no future.

Clairefontaine decided to support Unicef to be able to build concrete projects for the schooling of the disadvantaged children.

This commitment is translated into 2,5 million euro payed to UNICEF since 2004 for the construction of school, the training of teachers, and the supply of school products.

Clairefontaine supports UNICEF


Unicef Clairefontaine




Thanks to your purchases since 2004 Clairefontaine paid more than 2,5 million euros to UNICEF. 205 000 children and teachers helped, 4000 schools updated. This year, Clairefontaine will continue to support UNICEF by giving 250 000 € for school and education programs in Morocco and Nigeria.

Chiffres Unicef  





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