Clairefontaine Notebooks - Colors

METRIC Color palette


27 colors are available in the Metric Clairefontaine range ! Timeless or trendy discover the 27 colors and find the one that suits to you!

Trendy colors Clairefontaine Metric

The Clairefontaine colors :

1. Light grey
2. Dark grey
3. Black
4. Burgundy
5. Plum
6. Orchid purple
7. Raspberry pink
8. Intensive purple
9. Cobalt blue
10. Klein blue
11. Electric blue
12. Light blue
13. Blue grey
14. Petrol blue
15. Duck blue
16. Turquoise
17. Emerald green
18. Pea green
19. Chlorophyll green
20. Lime green
21. Yellow
22. Orange
23. Tangerine
24. Poppy red
25. Hibiscus pink
26. Raspberry red
27. Red

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