Clairefontaine Notebooks - Glossary

Staplebound: notebook consisting of an assembly of paper sheets and a cover, folded and stitched with steel wire staples.

Wirebound: notebook consisting of sheets of paper, front and back cover bound with double loop steel wire.

Soft cover or Hard cover: thick notebook consisting of sheets of paper grouped, sewn or glued together, finished with front and back cover and endpapers.

Pad: group of paper sheets glued, stapled or wire bound, at the top or on the long side, with detachable micro-perforated sheets, cardboard back and a protective front cover.

Single sheets: loose leaves, punched for easy filing, film wrapped with an insert or provided in reusable cardboard folder.   

Double sheets: folded sheets of paper, with or without perforation, film wrapped with an insert or provided in reusable cardboard folder.



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