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Each type of communication calls for a specific technology. Clairefontaine develops different papers in order to facilitate optimized document production. There are different papers in cut size reams which accompany all forms of professional life, as well as papers for the printing industry and special papers for envelopes and for writing.
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Multifunction Papers

Clairefontaine's Multifunction papers range.
Clairalfa : paper with its exclusive silky touch ! Ideal for black and colour laser and inkjet printin.

Clairmail : Clairmail 60 g guarantees all the printing characteristics of a standard 80 gsm paper, such as duplex printing. It also offers the same machine guarantees as a standard 80 gsm paper.

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Colour Laser Papers

The Star for colour laser paper : DCP.
DCP is the ideal paper for printing or copying documents containing more colour images than text DCP (Digital Color Printing) is a paper with an extremely bright rendition, whose surface contributes to high quality colour reproduction. Its high whiteness optimizes colour rendition. Its uniform texture allows for perfect printing of solids. Its delicate smoothness assures sharper and brighter printing of all images.

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Recycled Papers

To contribute to the equilibrium of nature, such is the ambition CLAIREFONTAINE has for its EQUALITY paper. This new concept paper is made up of : 50 % « post consumer » recycled fibres 50 % PEFC certified virgin fibres It therefore satisfies the demands of Sustainable Development, both by the use of waste paper and by an ecological forest management. Furthermore its characteristics are close to those of CLAIREFONTAINE's 80 gsm papers made from 100% virgin fibres.
Recycling of salvaged papers at the Everbal mill, part of the Clairefontaine group, is the fruit of over 25 years experience . Everbal's aim is to re-use in full the salvaged papers. Everbal produces white papers from 100 % recycled fibres. The techniques used and the rigorous production controls guarantee a remarkable quality : flatness, dimensional stability, and machinability. Evercopy + paper was specially perfected for optimum use in the office : photocopy, laser and ink jet.
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Clairefontaine Evercopy



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