Ingres, Level arch file, spine 7 cm, ass.


INGRES paper was originally developed in the 17th century by the French neoclassical artist Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. Although today's Ingres papers di er from those used by the artist, the laid mesh that characterises them remains intact. The laid e ect creates a fine grain of tight lines on one side and a marbled surface on the other. This paper is mainly used in the field of Fine Arts and in particular for the charcoal technique. It is particularly favoured in book and framing arts for its intage appearance. This beautiful material is presented with natural simplicity in the stationery products of this collection. Let yourself be seduced by the two-tone double-sided presentation of its colour palette with sandblasted or marbled e ects. Ingres cover, two colour both side, embossed logo, 2 colours assorted.

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GIFT BOXKenzo Takada x Clairefontaine

Clairefontaine has joined forces with K-3, a brand designed by the famous designer Kenzo Takada a few months before his death, to create a unique stationery box.

Coffret K3 x Clairefontaine


This elegant box with flap, with black velvet interior, contains many accessories specially designed for lovers of writing and calligraphy: notebooks, pads, bookmarks, memo pad, correspondence cards with envelopes, ink bottle and an exceptional glass nib. The ideal gift for all artists at heart.

The box, as well as some of the objects it contains, carry a Kintsugi, as a tribute to Japanese know-how. This ancestral art invites you to repair a broken object by highlighting its flaws and scars with gold leaf, a tradition dear to the creative world of K三.

For Kenzo Takada, the collaboration with Clairefontaine was an obvious choice.
The artist's boundless creativity manifested itself on a daily basis in different forms: painting, calligraphy... The creative tools included in this box were an integral part of his daily life.

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