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Black forest A5 notebook Hard Cover Lion


Genuine leather, soft and pleasant to the touch. The tanning is vegetable with amongst others quebracho and mimosa extracts. Moreover, in order to preserve the environment and the operators on the spot we are not using chromium or arsenic. Covered with lambskin genuine leather. Closure with an assorted elastic. Colored ribbon bookmark to easily find your last page. Expanded inner pocket to keep all your documents safe. To use it, or to offer it this notebook will make happy its owner. A magical lion is printed by the hot foil technical. This beautiful animal is a power symbol. A5 format (14,8x21 cm) : It's perfect for notetaking et thanks to its size you can bring it everywhere. This product is convenient in the professional and the personnal life. The notebook is lined and the 90 gsm ivory brushed vellum paper offer you an unbeatable confort of writing. The product is delivered in a pretty box. The PEFC certification guarantee the sustainable management of the forests.

Certifications: PEFC
Unit EAN: 3329684001293
Number of pages: 72 feuilles
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CORK is natural, recyclable, renewable and biodegradable – the noble material par excellence.


Cork comes from the bark of the Cork oak, which is a tree that mainly grows up in the Mediterranean region.


Cork oak lives on average 180 years. His bark is harvesting every 9 or 10 year, and during this period the trees will never be cut or damaged. After the harvest, a new bark grows.


Thanks to the photosynthesis, the Cork oak is one of the tree species that absorbs the most the CO2, by fixing the greenhouse gas in his cells. The final result is positive for the environment because the carbon footprint becomes negative.


The adult tree maintains the life of the forest, and its natural ecosystem keeps the moisture of the floor and its roots protects the earth from erosion. The Cork oak forest is also the shelter of a huge number of animals.


Also known for its original beauty and its amazing characteristics, the Cork stays one of the most renewable and ecological resources in the world.




• 0 trees cut for the harvest of the bark.


• 80% of the Cork oak are located in Portugal and in Spain, which create new jobs in rural areas.


• 50 kilograms of CO2 are absorbed by the Cork oak for every kilogram of cork harvested.

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