Crepe paper

FLORIST'S CREPE PAPER, Pack of 10 pastel assorted rolls 25x100cm


The florist's crepe paper is ideal for making paper flowers. Its high elasticity (250%) and its heavy weight (equivalent to 160gsm) makes it perfectly malleable. It provides volume and texture to creations for a realistic and natural effect. A pack of 10 rolls of florist's crepe paper 25x100cm.

Unit EAN: 3329689950015





Creative notebooks


Having a trace of the past, organising the present and planning the future are the 3 basic objectives of these creative notebooks. Inspired by the organisation and planning method of the bullet journal or "Bujo", they make it possible to create the perfect agenda to meet their needs, expectations and desires.
100% DIY, practical and playful, they are to be customised according to the users tastes and imagination.

My Creative Journal   My Creative Journal   My Creative Journal  
My Creative Journal - Sweety   My Creative Journal - Mystery   My Creative Journal - Fruity  


• A5 notebook (14,8x21cm)
• 104 sheets
• 8 index sheets + 8 sheets per month
• 1 colour theme per month
• Printing dots
• 90g/m2 Clairefontaine velvety vellum paper


My Creative Journal


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