Suzie Q

Julie Schalit is the author and designer of this collection. Today she creates striking designs under the guise of Suzie-Q «One of the things that represents my style is my use of strong vivid colours outlined in black. I work with pencils and ink and my designs often incorporate flowers. As a unique and original way to present my work, I superimpose my designs onto classic images of iconic figures such as Marilyn Monroe & Frank Sinatra. My work is retro and colourful and I love the music, designs and fashion of the 50s, 60s and 70s.»



Discover this new capsule collection and fill up on Gentleness!

After the pink flamingos and lamas, it is now the otters that unleash passions. Not surprisingly, this voracious fish animal with a naughty and cheerful look makes many people fall for it.

The choice of material, the colour palette and the silver finish bring to this range of stationery sobriety and aesthetics.

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