Grand air

The creators of Grand Air celebrate the sweetness of living outdoors, and have imagined a collection of illustrations for Clairefontaine full of freshness and lightness. Small dreamlike pictures on a white background that evoke a certain initial purity and the vertigo of wide open spaces. Soft, joyful and tender colors that recall the imagination of childhood.

These poetic images make us think of the memory of small priceless things: the sensual experience and a little apart from a body freed from postures, who smiles, who darts, who forgets himself, the intoxicating sensation of live a moment out of time.



Discover this new capsule collection and fill up on Gentleness!

After the pink flamingos and lamas, it is now the otters that unleash passions. Not surprisingly, this voracious fish animal with a naughty and cheerful look makes many people fall for it.

The choice of material, the colour palette and the silver finish bring to this range of stationery sobriety and aesthetics.

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