Sauvage by Baro Sarre

When he looks at the image of a door or of a heart, Baro Sarre's perception goes beyond the object.

Baro is an afropean artist in tune with his time. He studied Applied Arts and specialized in visual communication. His art is a mix of urban environment, Africa and Greco-Roman art with colorful mosaics. Now comes CLAIREFONTAINE line of stationery and luggage adorned with Baro's illustrations entitled "WILD", a sure hit for our youth. Let be carried away by his "SAUVAGE" illustrations which adorn our BTS line of stationery and luggage. You will then discover our MEMO ultra-practical for the whole family.



Nouveauté Clairefontaine : le sac visible jour et nuit ! 

+ de sécurité grâce au logo lumineux !
- Mode 1 : éclairage en continu
- Mode 2 : clignote lentement
- Mode 3 : clignote rapidement


Découvrez toute La Collection Clairefontaine Wati B



Nouveauté Clairefontaine & Minions : les roulettes lumineuses !
Pour le plus grand plaisir des enfants, ces roulettes lumineuses rendront le sac de ces derniers plus visibles la nuit, améliorant ainsi nettement leur sécurité !

Collection Minions Clairefontaine





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