Little Marcel

Little Marcel remains a timeless and joyful brand

The Little Marcel, brand created in 2005 by Eric Schieven and his wife Lynda LESEIGNEUR in a small seaside resort in southern France, began 10 years ago with the creation of a typical French top called “marcel”, designed exclusively for Lynda. The childish handwriting logo became unavoidable, immediately created enthusiasm amongst their circle of friends. Eric Schieven, discoverer of strong trends, decided to market it. He founded his own design studio and launched a production in Europe.

Little Marcel initially expanded in France, where more than 600 points of sale are active to date.

In 2006, thanks to the success and demand, a children's line is marketed under the name “The Little Marcel”, followed in 2010 by a baby collection “Small Marcel.”

In an effort to diversify, new lines have since been created, with a chic range for Women “Le Grenier” and a line for men “Mister Marcel.”

Today the brand is in partnership with ten licensees that offer products such as perfume, an underwear line, luggage, eyewear,...



Nouveauté Clairefontaine : le sac visible jour et nuit ! 

+ de sécurité grâce au logo lumineux !
- Mode 1 : éclairage en continu
- Mode 2 : clignote lentement
- Mode 3 : clignote rapidement


Découvrez toute La Collection Clairefontaine Wati B



Nouveauté Clairefontaine & Minions : les roulettes lumineuses !
Pour le plus grand plaisir des enfants, ces roulettes lumineuses rendront le sac de ces derniers plus visibles la nuit, améliorant ainsi nettement leur sécurité !

Collection Minions Clairefontaine





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