Astérix is a TIMELESS brand since 1959! And who has been standing firm against the invaders for 60 years ...

A TRANSGENERATIONAL comic strip appealing to the whole family!

Astérix is a GLOBETROTTER: the most translated comic in the world! Available in 111 languages!!! Asterix is POPULAR and FUNNY it makes you laugh in all languages.

Asterix has a HERITAGE character it is an integral part of the French culture and well beyond!

Check out our new collections.

First, a completely novel collection at the effigy of Idéfix which is funny, charming and absolutely unmissable!

And a collection “Crayonnés” in continuous with the one in 2020 but with new drawings and colors. The designs are original drawings of M. Uderzo, what a happiness for your eyes!


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