Choose the best closure system : Peel and Seal

The most efficient manual closure system : Peel off the strip and fold down the flap to seal.

Approximate life span : 2 years (for information, under normal storage conditions : closed box, protected from heat ( between 15° and 25° maximum ), dust, light and moisture.



CLOSURE FLAP : Flap which can be opened and closed in order to enclose the contents in the envelope.


PEEL AND SEAL : Self-adhesive gumming protected by a strip which has to be removed in order to close the envelope or the pocket envelope.


SUBSTANCE : The weight of the paper is measured in grammes per m2. The substance of our envelopes and pocket envelopes ranges from 80 to 130 gsm.


BACKGROUND : The inside of the envelope is printed for a better opacity. The inks used, are water based and respect the environment.


PACKAGING : Our products are packaged in boxes which are 100% recyclable.


WINDOW : The sizes of the envelope window are given : height x width


POSITION : indicated the distance of the window from the right hand side and the bottom of the envelope. Our envelopes have a 50 microns PET window or a 35g crystal paper window, AFNOR certified, with a transparency of minimum 85%. This crystal paper is 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. 


OUR ENVELOPE SIZES : the sizes of our envelopes and pocket envelopes are given : height x width.



- The C6 envelope : can contain an A4 sheet folded in 4
- The DL envelope : can contain an A4 sheet folded in 3
- The C5 envelope : can contain an A4 sheet folded in 2
- The C4 envelope : can contain an unfolded A4 sheet

Correspondence Clairefontaine


The majority of our white envelopes, white pocket envelopes and kraft pocket envelopes are manufactured in France and are PEFC-certified (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certifications). 

This independant and non governmental organism has developed a set of criteria which must be satisfied to promote sustainable forest management.

National forestry certifications which satisfy these criteria can claim PEFC recognition.

Our mill situated in ETIVAL in the VOSGES is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. It respects the criteria of work and product quality, traceability, environmental and workers protection.
Les Papeteries de Clairefontaine support ECOFOLIO and encourage the sorting of waste.





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