Clairefontaine supports young talents!

As a partner to numerous youth sports teams in France and in a range of disciplines such as soccer, basketball, rugby, handball and field hockey, Clairefontaine is committed to supporting the younger generation in their sports activities.

Because every discipline contributes to the growth and development of our children and embodies the values of respect, dynamism, performance, ambition and equality that Clairefontaine shares.

Clairefontaine is the official sponsor of prestigious youth national soccer clubs in Ligue 1 and 2. From 7 to 19 years, boys and girls.
Clairefontaine supports the Football Club Sochaux-Montbéliard (FCSM), the AJ Auxerre (AJA), the Association Sportive Nancy Lorraine (ASNL), the FC Nantes (FCNA), the SM Caen (SMC) and the Olympique Lyonnais (OL).

Discover a gallery of our young teams.