Hedera Helix

Marianne Lang is an artist from Vienna. Her work is strongly inspired by the vegetal and animal world. Hedera Helix, a tree liane from the tropical areas, is one of the rare species having survived the ice age. At the end of the Fall, as flowers fold down, Hedera Helix blooms from October to November, giving pollen to the bees. Its fruits feed many birds species and enable them to survive during February. Its persistent leaves give them the best shelter. Extremely resistant, this ivy lasts more than 100 years.

The Hedera Helix Collection is a fantastic allegory of the strength, resistance and protection of the livings. The wild proliferation of this liane, in every crack, every gap, tells us about survival, about a vegetal strength spreading everywhere. Happy are the ones having an ivy at home, happy are the ones having a Clairefontaine Notebook at home.



Boldy pushing the envelope of women's intimate apparel, Chantal Thomass inspired a veritable revolution: pushing lingerie to center stage, it emerged as a true, highly sought after, fashion accessory. Using the color codes of her lingerie creations, she went on to successfully impose the same in home décor. Clairefontaine is excited to welcome the Chantal Thomass capsule collection of stationery, accessories and small leather goods.
Chantal Thomass


Charlene Mullen

Charlene Mullen is an award-winning designer, creating beautifully executed textiles for residential and commercial interiors. intricate embroidery creating a contemporary yet deeply personal feel. Mullen's unique aesthetic is born of her training in illustration and textiles combined with over 15 years experience designing embroideries for leading fashion houses including Clavin Klein, Donna Karan and Givenchy. Designs vary from decorative and ordered re-creations of scientific structures to figurative designs with an illustrative feel and humorous narrative. In 2012 she was named Best Surface Designer at the Homes & Gardens Designer Awards.

Charlene Mullen Clairefontaine





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