The origins of the name « Calligraphe » back in 1899. This year was trademarked « Le Calligraphe » to signed notebooks, and paper sheets produced and sold in Alsace and Franche-Comté. From the early 20th century, the reputation of Calligraphe crossed regional boundaries through the quality of its products. Tens of millions of French children in metropolitan and overseas « colonies » learned to write with these books, as an evidence, this quote from Colette, taken from his book « Mes Apprentissages » (« My Learning ») published in 1936 « … my school books, their laid sheets, striped gray bar marginal red, black backs canvas, their covers and medallion decorated with « Le Calligraphe » « … Today, as yesterday, at school and office the books signed Calligraphe is the entry level of Clairefontaine Rhodia products all around the World.

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