The Manga Paper collection by Clairefontaine is composed of 3 types of paper available in several formats and variations.

The range is designed to meet the very specific needs of comic book/Manga authors while innovating/improving the products already available. The aim is to enable them to work faster and more comfortably.

Manga Storyboard

Sketch paper 55g Formats : A4-B4

Manga BD/Comic

Layout paper 200g Formats : A4-B4

Manga Illustrations

Layout Paper 100g Formats : A5-A4-A3

Layout notepads and pads

Ever wanted to create your very own comic book, manga book or graphic novel? It is now possible thanks tto this new double-sided Layout 220g eco-responsible paper shaped as a book.

The thick paper is extra smooth and of a perfect opacity for the artist to use both sides of the sheet. Ideal for use with alcohol markers, Indian ink and pencils, it allows shadings by superimposing layers. The color mix is made easily without bleed through and the colours do not interfere on the other side of the sheet. The cover in light grey Lustro card is blink so the artist may customise it.


The traditional Manga is drawn in black and white with nib, Indian ink and scaled sheets. It is thus very important to have a smooth and rather thick paper, erasing perfectly and well adapted to scratching ,cutting , shading and background filling (screen print grey design which is realized with cutter). The sheets are pre-printed with a light turquoise blue scale that will disappear at scan. These frames allow the author to quickly and easily cut the drawing board in strips and squares.