Pastel REvolution FREEZER


The Pastel Revolution Freezer is a liquid spray solution to freeze soft pastel powder on Pastelmat and on all surfaces (canvas, wood, cardboard…) provided that they are prepared with an absorbant ground. It keeps a satin and matte finish, is abrasion and humidity resistant, without yellowing in the future.

Figeur Revolution

Many professional pastellists are already convinced by the Freezer which allows them to transport their works rolled and to frame them as a painting without glass.

Artists will like the fact that they can paint on big size of canvas with soft pastels and freeze the powder while keeping the « pastel effect ». This sentence is difficult for me to understand. A. The French verson refers to controlling the volatility of the pastels as a reason to use the Freezer. But the volatility of the pastels exists, no matter what the size of the artwork !  So what is the connection of the Freezer to the size of the artwork ? B. The use of the word toile/canvas is dangerous. There are some artists who actually do use pastels on canvas and so the use of the word canvas could be easily misinterpreted. I suggest you replace the word « canvas » with the word « surface ». C. The term « pastel effect » is not clear. I looked up the term on Google and found that « pastel effect » is used in photography and in terms of special effects on Photoshop. I did not see this term used with regard to artists. Perhaps it would be better use a term like « velvety texture » ?


Instruction manual :

Place drawing down on flat surface and spray entire drawing from 30 cm from above  

After application of the Freezer, drawing may be continue to be worked on, once completely dry.  

Sometimes 2 or3 thin layers of Freezer are necesaery for freezing the drawing completly.

Approximately 30mL is required for freezing a 50x70cm sheet.



Do not spray vertically. Leave flat until  and wait until the sheet is completely dry before moving to avoid risk of dripping.

As with all fixatives, the Freezer can modify the colours of the paper and of the pastel. 

Avoid spraying too close so as not to blow away the pigments.

The freezer is effective only on Pastelmat and not on other papers (except if they are prepared with an absorbent ground)

The freezer is effective only on an absorbant ground and not on other grounds.


Discover some of the features of the Pastel Revolution Freezer with these videos :

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